Agri Plastics

Agri-Plastics a Group Of Companies was founded in 1995 to satisfy a need for quality Agricultural equipment and very quickly became one of the largest Calf Hutch producers in the world. Then we expanded our markets to include custom rotomoulding with AP Custom Rotomoulding. In 2009 we acquired the Diamond Plastics ATV product line. In 2012 we acquired a second manufacturing plant in Stoney Creek, Ontario and then in 2015 we introduced a whole new product called the Tetra-POD. Throughout this time, we have endeavored to employ a very experienced staff, in all areas of the business, which allowed continuing credibility and growth in the markets.

I was working at Mancor while they were developing OnRamp and I saw first-hand the benefits it could bring to a company. When I was hired on to be the General Manager at Agri Plastics, I did everything I could get the system put in play.

Agri had an ERP that just wasn’t meeting our needs. There was some push-back to changing over, especially recalling the headaches that were suffered when Agri first implemented an ERP, years ago. Eventually, in July 2018, everyone was on board.

The OnRamp implementation team went above and beyond to ensure a successful launch with the project completed on time and on budget. Most staff were happy with the change too, since OnRamp was much easier to use than what they were accustomed to.

With an ease of use, good training, and a quick implementation, two of our 3 sites are now up and running with OnRamp with the 3rd scheduled to implement the system in the near future.

It still amazes me how quickly new modules are put into production with minimal to no errors once any gaps are realized.

Agri Plastics

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