I’m always late to my customer / Dissatisfied customers

Almost everything you do can affect your ability to get orders out the door and to your customer on time. Poor forecasting, unexpected downtime, excessive defects, or faulty packing techniques can lead to delays that lead to expediting and unhappy customers. When will the nightmare end?

Systemic lateness only proves to your customers that they are not important to you and that means eventually, you will not be important to them. While contacting the customer ahead of time to let them know of the delay is good, and having a good reason for the delay is better, in this manufacturing world, we need to be ready to ensure that there is no reason for a delay, much less a common one.

We cover planning, maintenance, quality, forecasting, labor usage, misplaced inventory, and other topics on other sections, but it all comes down to improving your standing with your customer. And the cornerstone of that standing is reliability. Being reliable does more to improve how your regular customers think of you than almost anything else, and that in turn leads to sales growth through word-of-mouth. As an example, we all know that people are willing to pay more to buy a car from a brand with a record of reliability and then recommend that car to their friends and family. But how do we go about this? With all the other items accounted for, we must improve shipping.

With OnRamp, you can improve your ability to execute internally and deliver products quickly. We are rooted in manufacturing and we understand that the shipping department has a direct impact on your company’s relationship with its customers.

The OnRamp Shipping module streamlines the shipping process to reduce the need for manual intervention, making you more efficient. Engage how you want and where you want with our discrete shipping module:

  • Keep track of your shipping containers and manage labeling, carriers, and freight charges
  • Enjoy mistake-proof, real-time precision through fully integrated bar-code printing and scanning
  • Streamline your shipping and receiving, and automatically capture incremental information at each point of production
  • Automatically generate and print all related documentation, from bills of lading to customs invoices, so your shipping department can focus on what’s important – effectively delivering product to your customers

OnRamp’s Shipping Module Features:

  • Automatic ASN creation
  • Automatic document creation
  • Lot-by-Lot shipping control
  • Consignment shipping management
  • Ship to Outside Service (Paint, Heat Treat, etc)
  • Line sequencing/Kitting
  • Manage dunnage

After implementing OnRamp, our customers saw an increase in on-time deliveries, improved container usage, improved delivery tracking, which lead to more satisfied customers, and most importantly, growth.

Customer Shipping Screen

Customer Shipping Screen

Late Order Management

Late Order Management

Manage Dunnage

Manage Dunnage

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