My Inventory is Unreliable / Poor Inventory Management

Is your inventory correct? Do you keep track of it in a spreadsheet? Do you have a system but you know those numbers are rarely correct? If you are anything like our customers before using Onramp, we already know the answer. 

Most organizations underestimate the true cost of not knowing where things are.

  • Time spent searching for the item
  • Inaccurate MRP calculations cause lack of trust in the system
  • Purchasing overspending
  • Lack of confidence in the numbers slows decision making

If this sounds like you, its time to upgrade your system!

At OnRamp, we have a way to standardize the location of things in a shop-wide policy that new hires are trained on and older employees regularly review.

This is OnRamp’s Inventory Management system. By implementing a standard location system for your plant, and inputting those locations in OnRamp, your shop can become more efficient by having:

  • Warehouse workers know where to place inventory and scrap
  • Maintenance workers know where to find spare parts
  • Operators know where to find their components
  • Managers know where to find everything
  • Confidence in the numbers

This will decrease time wasted searching for items and money spent buying what you didn’t know you already have. Or course, having a location system is only useful If you have a way to track locations. While this may seem like a long and difficult process, it’s all very easy with the OnRamp Inventory module.

OnRamp’s Inventory Module Features:

  • Integrated inventory location and mapping
  • Unified location system that can be applied system wide
  • Lot tracing from shipment to heat numbers
  • Custom label printing
  • Integrated cycle counting

After implementing OnRamp, our customers saw a decrease in time spent searching for inventory, a decrease in used warehouse space, a decrease in manpower costs, which led to more satisfied customers, and most importantly, real money saved.

Cycle Counting


Review Inventory By Location


Manage Locations


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