I’m always guessing at manpower / Inefficient labor usage

Labor usage is a complex topic summed up quickly: Who is the best person for the job? You probably know the answer to that question but what do you do when your all-star team isn’t available? How can you be sure to get the talent you have to the places you need them?

This is inefficient labor usage in a nutshell, manpower not being used correctly, leaving you wasting time being unproductive. At its worst, labor inefficiencies show up as late orders, poor quality control, missing preventative maintenance, poor planning, excessive administrative costs, and overall a poorly run company.

Inefficient labor is as simple as incomplete training for a work center, or as complicated as guessing how many staff are required for any given job. Let’s look at some of the most common manpower problems we see:

  • Poor training
  • Poor capacity planning
  • Unnecessary overtime
  • Reassigning overqualified staff to fill gaps
  • Poorly scheduled time off
  • Absenteeism

A good ERP should help you organize your labor in a way that leaves you fast and nimble. For example:

  1. A good ERP decreases the amount of staff required in the front office
  2. Having less staff in administration gives you more room in the budget for operators
  3. With more operators, you can take the time to properly train and cross-train your staff
  4. Cross trained staff means that you have staff flexibility to cover manpower gaps in any situation.
  5. With capacity planning, you calculate that by adding overtime, you can handle all demand with 2 shifts instead of 3
  6. Your sales team is forecasting growth, which is reflected in your capacity planning, so you its time to start interviews to get the staff you need before its crunch time.

And now you have a well-managed company that is appearing in top 100 lists in your sector, which is attracting more talented personnel to your team.

At OnRamp, we believe in maximizing every resource you use, and in today’s manufacturing environment, your most valuable resource is your people. To help you with better management, we want you to know:

  • What your staff have been trained on
  • When new and existing staff can and should be trained on other products
  • When staff are going to take time off
  • What orders need more manpower or less to ensure the order is out on-time

Our HR module features functionality that lets you track and manage benefits, dependents, company property, reviews, and employee disciplinary actions. This module is integrated with our timekeeping module, which tracks overtime, overtime rates, planned time off, and scheduled downtime.

OnRamp’s Human Resources Module Features:

  • Training and Skills management
  • Safety certifications management
  • Training plan repository
  • Training gaps dashboards and reports
  • Organization chart, department and job code documentation repository
  • Integrated time keeping and vacation scheduling
  • Integrated payroll services data generation
  • Integrated time clock
  • Automated service and Award brochure
  • Incident management and form 7 completion
  • Health and safety issue tracking
  • Training gap analysis

Add to this, our integrated Detailed Capacity Planning module helps you unleash your manpower potential. After all, competitive markets reward flexible, responsive businesses.

Our detailed capacity planning (DCP) module generates the numbers you need to turn your labor and inventory into a competitive advantage with a comprehensive record of exactly how well your plant is running.

OnRamp’s DCP Module Features:

  • Shortage or excess manpower reporting
  • Overtime requirement calculator
  • Subcontract assignments
  • Work center groupings
  • Daily progress reports
  • Percent capacity reporting
  • Manpower limit management
  • Capacity planning dashboards

After implementing OnRamp, our customers saw a decrease in overtime paid, an improvement in manpower productive time, a decrease in training time, a decrease in late orders, which lead to more satisfied customers, and most importantly, growth.

Capacity Planning (Daily Progress Report)

Capacity Planning (Daily Progress Report)


Capacity Planning (Earned Hours)

Capacity Planning (Earned Hours)


Capacity Planning Factors

Capacity Planning Factors

Training/Skills Gaps

Training/Skills Gaps


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