My Quality is Bad / Poor Quality Control

Controlling the quality of your product is important. It ensures that you are sending out the best you can, presenting the best face of your company to the world. This is why quality control is crucial in today’s manufacturing world. But even knowing that, you have faults that keep slipping into shipping and making it to customers that are starting to lose faith in you. Where are you going wrong?

While an occasional defect can be acceptable, the truth is that shipping broken goods eventually cuts into your bottom line, be it with wasted time or defective product. With that lower quality product sent out, you are likely to have the start of a bigger issue: losing customers and sales. And what is causing those defective products? What can be done to avoid it? Let’s have a look:

  • Your gages haven’t been properly calibrated
  • This leads to poor measurements, which leads to poor cuts
  • Those cuts make their way to assembly, and then into inventory
  • Quality control is overworked and understaffed, letting defects make it to shipping
  • The defective end-product is received by the customer where they send it back, taking up your warehouse space until it can be scrapped

In an effort to save a nickel, you spent a dollar. This type of reactionary business process is unsustainable in today’s manufacturing environment. So how can we help?

OnRamp was founded on manufacturing principles. This means want to work with you to help you decrease your defective PPM to sustainable levels. We can help you decrease the number of defects and customer returns with our best-in-class inspection and quality control software, leaving you in a better position to capture more market share.

OnRamp’s Quality Management module comes equipped with a suite of tools that will help you keep your product within tolerance for your customers and ensures that your measurements are up to standard. We also track:

  • Purchased part deficiencies, to help you know what vendors you can rely on
  • Non-conformance parts, to help you know what work centers and operators need assistance
  • Order fulfillment information, to help you know if the order is delayed, which helps you be proactive with your customers and let them know of an issue before it becomes a deal breaker

OnRamp’s Quality Management Module Features:

  • Integrated Product lifecycle and supply chain quality management functions
  • Centralized master data management
  • Online Inspection reporting
  • Integrated Statistics Process Control (SPC) module
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) strategies
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) module with integrated Audit and Checklist
  • Vendor Quality Management
  • Corrective Action Management
  • Integrated Gage Management

After implementing OnRamp, our customers saw an improvement in overall product quality, a decrease in scrap and defects, less man hours used in quality control, which led to more satisfied customers, and most importantly, growth.

Corrective Actions

Corrective Actions

Gage Calibration

Gage Calibration

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Statistical Process Control (SPC)


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