I am drowning in paper, too many software packages and we don’t have EDI

An order comes in, you write it down and pass it off to be entered in to one system. Some of your software can talk to the other, others cannot, so you need a lot of manual work to copy over data. You have calls, emails, and the occasional fax that you copy or scan into one application or another. Then, you need to process an order, so you print out a sheet in duplicate, because you need to keep a copy, even though it doesn’t have to be a paper copy, but it’s just easier than moving files to another server to be backed up. Your engineering documents are in huge file cabinets that are only as organized as your engineer. It’s the end of the month, which means paper pay stubs. And that order on the way out? It still needs a book of papers, including a bill of lading and customs declarations. And then you have work orders, invoices, checks, receipts… The list goes on. Multiple copies. Some you keep, others are sent off.

Disposing of paper is still a multibillion-dollar business. And that is to say nothing of supplying that paper and the physical space required to store it. All this because you have separate systems that don’t talk to each other, don’t talk to other departments, and don’t talk to customers or vendors. You have to spend hours doing what should be so fast that it cannot be measured. How can you join the 21st century and leave the paper trail behind, with its long load times, large storage usage, difficult to understand writing, smudges, and constant damage?

You’ve tried adding applications to streamline one process or another, and that has helped decrease the paper some, but now your IT budget is ballooning with licensing fees and other costs.

It looks like you have 3 problems:

  1. You are still using paper for many operations that should be digitized
  2. You need to have a way to quickly and efficiently communicate with your customers, vendors, and banks
  3. You have software applications that are not talking to one another or losing data when they do communicate

These are 3 problems with one simple fix. A better ERP. An ERP that has a central repository for all your documents. An ERP that was built from the ground up by a manufacturing company to cut through the paper trail the way you know it should be. With separate modules with one database, inter-departmental communications have never been easier. And with available external system integration for other software, such as nesting software, all your systems are in immediate correspondence. OnRamp can do all this for you and more.

With our all-in-one ERP, all your documents can be stored centrally where all your systems can access the data and talk to one another.

With integrated EDI, you can electronically communicate with your bank, your vendors, or your customers with the click of a button.

With Form Recognition, all your receipts, invoices, and other accounting documents are automatically digitized and entered into the database.

Our upfront pricing module lets you know how much you will pay with unlimited users, unlimited support, no add-ons, and no surprises. Plus, we will come to you to train you on how to use our software to the fullest and work with you to improve your current procedures.

Leave the paper trail behind and the missed or misplaced communications. Gone are the days of multiple different software packages to do what OnRamp can do on its own.

OnRamp’s Paper-Free Module Features:

For Engineering:

  • Complete integration with Solid Works
  • Online-ready engineering documents
  • Quote-to-Cash engineering support
  • 3-D Drawing support
  • PPAP Layout support
  • Integration with Phantom
  • Drawing version control
  • Work Center management
  • Tooling and Fixturing setup detail management
  • Commodity code management
  • Component substitutions tracking
  • View and report on accurate data

For Accounting:

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Automatic Fixed asset depreciation
  • Cost center tracking
  • General ledger account visual reports, dashboards, and graphs
  • General ledger inventory reconciliation
  • Paperless accounts receivable and payable accounting, from quotes to cash

OnRamp’s EDI Module Features:

  • Automatic electronic communication with vendors, customers, and banks
  • Secure 2-way communication: Receive and Send data seamlessly and safely

OnRamp is an all-in-one ERP solution tailor-made for manufacturing companies

After implementing OnRamp, our customers saw a decrease in administrative costs, including paper and printer costs, a decrease in their IT budget costs, improved customer and vendor communication times, and improved inter-department communication times and data sharing. The cost savings translated into better prices while the inter-department communication led to a more proactive and agile company. Better prices and better management led to satisfied customers which helped our customers grow.

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